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CanTEST-Speaking Test

Speaking Test

  • You must have passing scores in the General CanTEST in order to register for the Speaking test
  • The Speaking test will take place 2 weeks after the General CanTEST
  • You will be notified of your eligibility for the Speaking test by email
  • The $80 Speaking test fee will be due at the time of registration in order to reserve your spot


Test results will be available 10 days after your test date.  Students may pick up their unofficial results in our office that day.  Results will not be given over the phone.  Official results will be sent to the institution of your choice on the same day if you have indicated this on your registration form.  A $10 fee is charged (for each institution), if you request to have the official results sent to an institution other then the University of Saskatchewan.  The fee will also be charged if you request the results to be sent to the University of Saskatchewan more than 2 months after your test date.

Refund Policy

Full refund up to one month prior to test date, $40 refund up to 1 week prior to test date, NO REFUNDS the week before the CanTEST.

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