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Digital Sketchbook for Traditional Artists

Using Procreate on the iPad, students will learn how a digital sketchbook can benefit the traditional artist. This workshop goes over, in detail, the Procreate interface and tools that make Procreate on the iPad feel like a traditional sketchbook but with added flexibility. Students will learn how easy and effective it is to develop traditional painting ideas using a digital medium. The instructor will be using the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil but you can follow along with any iPad device and preferred stylus.



Refund Policy

Withdrawal from courses: Students may withdraw from a course at any time. A $75 withdrawal fee is charged for withdrawing from a course prior to course start date. No course refund is processed after this time. Non-attendance does not constitute notice of withdrawal.
The Arts & Sciences Non-Credit Programming Unit reserves the right to cancel courses when there is insufficient enrollment, in these cases a full refund will be issued. No transfers will be allowed from one term to another term. If a class is cancelled during the term, these hours will be rescheduled and made up. However, if a student misses a class, no rescheduling or make up classes occur.

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Course Code: ASCAA661