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French 8

For students who can ask about and relate past events and experiences, link a consequence to a condition, and indicate degrees of certitude.  Use of the present, past and imperative tenses in affirmative, negative and interrogative forms are acquired skills.

Students will master and learn to:

  •  Indicate & ask for a favor                
  •  Accept & refuse to fulfill a favor
  •  Indicate & ask for permission
  •  Agree & disagree to grant permission
  •  Use the conditional tense for requests, advice & invitations 
  •  Justify one’s position
  •  Ask appropriate questions for any situation, event or experience
  •  Situate any action, event or experience in the correct time frame
  •  Describe & ask about events, actions & experiences in the past
  •  Indicate & ask about degrees of certitude
  •  Indicate & ask about location of people, places or things


Non-Credit course
Progress report provided at the completion of the class.


Fall & Winter terms:  1 class per week for 10 weeks, 2 hours a class.
Spring & Summer terms:  1 class per week for 8 weeks, 2 and a 1/2 hours a class.


Assessed at Spoken level French 8

To be sure this is the correct level to register in have a speaking assessment done.
Please contact Gisele Piche at 966.4355 or email her at

Required Co-Requisites

  • F8 ASSESSMENT - French 8 Assessment  (1 of the following)
    • LCM000-2015Z-F8A - LCM000-2015Z-F8A 
    • ASM000-2016Z-F8A - ASM000-2016Z-F8A 
    • ASM000-2017Z-F8A - ASM000-2017Z-F8A 
    • ASM000-2018Z-F8A - ASM000-2018Z-F8A 
    • ASM000-2019Z-F8A - ASM000-2019Z-F8A 
    • ASM000-2020Z-F8A - ASM000-2020Z-F8A 

Refund Policy

NO REFUNDS once course has started. Withdrawing from a course prior to the first class, will result in a refund less an administrative fee of $75. The Arts & Sciences Languages Non-Credit Programming Unit reserves the right to cancel courses when there is insufficient enrollment, in these cases a full refund will be issued. No transfers will be allowed from one term to another term. If a class is cancelled during the term, these hours will be rescheduled and made up. However, if a student misses a class, no rescheduling or make up classes occur.

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