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Gardening For Privacy

Thursday Evening

It seems like every new homeowner and gardener is eager to create privacy in their yard. In our increasingly crowded world this is an understandable desire, but all too often bad landscaping choices are being made in the name of "right now". Join Lyndon for a class that explores how to create privacy without sacrificing beauty. Trees should not be planted where shrubs are a better choice. Hedges should not be planted where a screen of vines would do better. Sometimes plants that are "fast growing and low maintenance" are not necessarily good decisions. With a little creativity and thoughtfulness, your garden can be both beautiful and hidden from view! 

Refund Policy

A $20 administrative fee for a full-day class, or a $10 administrative fee for a half-day class, will be charged if notice to withdraw is received up to one week before the class starts. No refunds will be processed after this time. Non-attendance does not constitute notice of withdrawal and a refund will not be issued.

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