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Innovation Acceleration Process

Introduction & Background

For many organizations, there is not a transparent and reliable process to allow employees to suggest and develop innovative ideas. Sometimes there is a process, but it falters with management decision-making.

Participants in this workshop will learn-by-doing the InnovationOne Group Innovation Acceleration Process. This is a seven-step process, which include empathy, definition, ideation, business case development, prototype, test and implement. Participants will engage in the first 4 stages, with the intention of developing a proposal with a business case to take back to their executive leaders for review. Participants will learn group processes and will use tools for brainstorming, prioritizing ideas, developing a business case and for pitching an innovation proposal.

Key Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  • Learn the research behind what drives innovation in organizations including a review of new innovation-methodologies and digital technologies and the roles of leadership, culture, processes and systems and decision-making to accelerate the implementation of the best innovation projects. This review will include the Six Traits of Highly Innovative Companies.
  • Learn and use a group brainstorming process to improve innovation in the strategic areas for their organizations.
  • Use a group process to define categories for the ideas proposed, and then group those ideas into these categories.
  • Conduct a return on Investment on innovation ideas to help determine which ideas to shelve, which ones need more analysis, and which ones to implement.
  • Develop project plans for their ideas that will define the opportunity statement, solution statement, related analysis, steps for implementation, expected outcomes, budget and resources to implement the innovation, and its estimated return on investment.
  • Prepare a presentation for a mock top-management pitch and receive development feedback on their presentations.

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