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OE Process Mapping & Process Improvement

Required Course of the Operational Excellence Certificate

The Operational Excellence Certificate (OEC) Program gives seminar attendees the knowledge to use a variety of process improvement tools, methods, and techniques. There is a particular emphasis on process mapping, lean tools, methods, and techniques, and rigorous problems solving involving all types of problems. Improvement activities run the gamut from easily implementable ideas through a “clean sheet” process redesign. In addition all of the classes use the “learn by doing” approach where attendees immediately use the tools, methods, and techniques on their own organizations. It is very common that the classes pay for themselves through improvements and cost savings.

The Operational Excellence Certificate is a learning path made up of four separate courses and when all four courses are completed in a 3-year timeframe we will award the Operational Excellence Certificate to the participant.

Required Courses:

Be able to practice techniques on your own real-world processes, and leave with multiple improvement ideas in THE PROCESS MAPPING AND PROCESS IMPROVEMENT COURSE.

Learn powerful techniques to analyze processes and facilitate process improvement...

Process mapping can be an extremely powerful diagnostic tool for your organization. By analyzing processes you will not only find process issues, but also uncover structural problems, poor controls, and people issues. You will learn to tap into employee frustration to fix processes and get to the root cause of quality and timeliness issues.

Moving to a process focused organization requires both a skill set and mind set. Process mapping will give you the skills you need to enact real process improvement within your organization. In addition to learning specific skills, you will be coached in leading and facilitating the mindset that will launch your organization to the next level of performance. Part of the mindset is the new role of process managers or consultants. Also you will learn to select, organize and facilitate process improvement efforts in your own organization. Finally, you will learn the eight major barriers to process improvement and effective strategies for overcoming these barriers.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Construct and practice a variety of process maps
  • Identify broken processes through 16 symptoms
  • Create strategies for overcoming barriers to process improvement
  • Turn staff frustration into ideas to improve processes, people and systems
  • Design processes that are fast, cost-effective and produce high quality results
  • Error proof steps to eliminate quality issues
  • Demonstrate cost savings and ROI opportunities


2-Day course

Refund Policy

University of Saskatchewan's liability is limited to reimbursement of paid tuition fees.

Cancellations received in writing at least 14 days in advance of the course start date will receive a full refund. Written cancellations received less than 14 days prior to the course will be subject to a $200 administration fee. Non-attendance will incur full course tuition cost. Non-attendance does not constitute notice of withdrawal.

Fees subject to change without notice.

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