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Outdoor Scene & Landscape Photography II

UofS Certificate of Art & Design (USCAD)

There is no such thing as bad weather for photography-only bad weather for photographers.

  • These three weekends allow for exploration of the urban and rural landscape in and around Saskatoon in spring, fall and winter.
  • We will attempt to visit the same locations during different seasons to capture the visual and mood changes associated with the time of year.
  • We will look at form, composition, appropriate use of focal length, aperture and other camera functions to record images with special impact.
  • The Saturday of each weekend will be a guided shooting experience with the instructor and your images will be reviewed and discussed in the group on Sunday.
  • This class is offered as a three weekend package or, if you prefer, you can pick an individual weekend or two.
  • For details, download the USCAD Calendar.


This is a 3 weekend program offered in the Spring, Fall & Winter

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Course Code: CPCA540