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Photoshop III (formerly Digital Imagery III)

UofS Certificate of Art & Design (USCAD)

This course is aimed at graphic designers and other serious students who work with Photoshop regularly.  Photoshop Level III is a project-based course that will allow you to apply and expand your knowledge of Photoshop CS 5.5 to design a professional looking template that will formulate the basis for a web site. 

  • Advanced graphic techniques will be incorporated into the course to allow you to take advantage of Alpha Channels
  • Advanced Masking techniques, 3D imagery and animation as well as Photoshop's ability to create slide shows. 
  • You will also learn how to use Dreamweaver CS 5.5 with Photoshop to move your design template to an actual 'Live' web site, create a navigation system for three to five pages of your web site, and link the slide shows to one or more of those pages. Previous experience with web page creation is NOT a pre-requisite for this course. 
  • Finally, you will learn how to move your web site to a 'live' server and make it accessible to the general public.  (Please note that your options for server hosting costs will be discussed and are NOT included with the general fee charged for this course). 
  • There will also be a materials fee of $5.00 for additional materials provided by the instructor.
  • Fee $365.00


Prerequisite: Photoshop II

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Course Code: CPCA545