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Physics Math Review

Location:  Room 165, Physics Building, 116 Science Place, Saskatoon, SK

  • A 3-evening non-credit preparatory course for students who have registered in Physics 115.3.
  • It reviews mathematical concepts and techniques used in first-year physics.
  • Topics covered include: linear quadratic and simultaneous equations, graphical representation, exponents and logarithms, trigonometric functions and identities, units, scientific notation, significant figures and vectors (different material will be covered each evening).
  • Students registered in Physics 115.3 are required to have a good working knowledge of the high school prerequisites: Mathematics B30 and Mathematics C30 (or Foundations of Mathematics or 30 Pre-Calculus 30) and Physics 30.
  • If you lack a good working knowledge of these high school math classes, this course is helpful.

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Course Code: ASPM100