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The Engagement Series

Engagement is an employee’s commitment to an organization and willingness to put forth extra effort. It is a critical factor in workplace cultures – one that fosters sustainability and success.  

The single strongest driver of engagement is whether employees feel managers are genuinely committed to their wellbeing.

As a leader, your challenge is to be as focused on the wellbeing of those you lead as you are on productivity, innovation, service, markets and profits. If you aren’t, your results will suffer and so will your people.

People thrive when they know they matter. But they won’t feel that way if they are:

  • Disheartened – wondering if they’re valued and whether their presence makes a difference

  • Exhausted – struggling under unrealistic expectations and overwhelming workloads

  • Disconnected – detached from purpose and passion, learning little, and cruising on autopilot

When it comes to engagement, successful leaders model the way by paying close attention to their own enthusiasm, energy and passion. Leaders who master these elements of engagement for themselves become credible resources in coaching and mentoring others.

This three part series is designed to help you strengthen your own abilities to fuel enthusiasm, boost energy and inspire passion in yourself and in the people in your organization.

Each session is a stand-alone unit. However, for deeper learning and greater impact, we suggest registering for all three programs in the series.  Receive a discounted price by registering for all 3 programs at once.

  • Fueling Enthusiasm - Building A Culture Of Appreciation

  • Boosting Energy – Taking A Break To Get A Grip

  • Tapping Passion – Moving Beyond Mid-Life Malaise

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